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Waterhog Mats: Buying vs. Renting Entrance Mats

Did you know that to rent a 4' x 6' entrance mat the cost is on average $5 per week or about $260 annually? Most entrance mat rental companies require a 3 year contract to lease their mats. Under this scenario the cost of a 3 year entrance mat contract can be well over $700. In addition, most companies that are renting their entrance mats are renting more than one entrance mat, so the financial impact is much greater.

In addition, rental companies add many of the following expenses in addition to the entrance mat rental fee: Delivery Charges, Cleaning Charges, Fuel Surcharges and Environmental Charges. These entrance mat fees are typically bogus - especially the entrance mat cleaning fee. Regardless if the entrance mat is purchased or rented, it is the end user that will have the task of daily and routine cleaning maintenance even if the rental company schedules cleanings or exchanges the entrance floor mats periodically. During the time between pick-ups, the entrance mats will be vacuumed by the end user when normal cleaning occurs. Thus, companies who purchase their own entrance mats incur only one cleaning expense.

Entrance mat rental companies typically only offer a limited selection of entrance mat styles, sizes and colors. Usually they are nothing more than carpet mats. As a result, the renter is typically left with an entrance mat that does not meet their need nor look aesthetically pleasing. Our Waterhog™ Mats are aggressive scraper mats that scrape dirt, debris and remove water from the bottom of your foot traffic. This keeps your floors clean and safe from slip and fall accidents reducing dirty floors and potential lawsuits!

Considering the cost associated with renting vs. buying entrance mats, the lack of selection, functionality and appeal - the financial impact can be devastating. A company renting 5 entrance mats at $5 per entrance mat per week will spend almost $4,000 in a 3 year period. Buying the same entrance mats (which will last a minimum of 3 years and closer to 6) will cost approximately $700. The potential savings are over $3,000 in purchasing 5 entrance mats rather than renting the same 5 entrance mats.

You decide, is it better to buy or rent your entrance mats?

*Please note that sizes are not always exact measurements. Due to the manufacturing process, shrinkage will occur.
The shrinkage may be 1 - 3% depending on the size of the mat ordered. If you need an exact mat size, please order from the Waterhog Roll Good selection as these mats are cut to size.
Mat shrinkage is standard throughout the mat manufacturing industry for industrial strength mats.

*Original shipping charges paid by Commercial Mat Source and return postage fees are the responsibility of the consumer.
Shipping amounts paid by Commercial Mat Source will be deducted from any refund given.
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